Process Flow

Once all rubber shoe sole sacks are trucked in, they are first color sorted in our big warehouse floor. It depends on customers demands, some have less concern about colors, some ask natural color rubber only. you may wonder how come there are so many shoe soles here. Vietnam has gradually become a global sneakers manufacturer. More than 10 million shoes made in Vietnam every month, that means several thousand tons of rubber needed to make the shoe soles. The rubber then molded into different sole, but in the process, unexpected defective soles have to be taken away. Nobody wants a defective shoes. But the rubber is still a great material for other applications like rubber floor, landscaping, rubber track, playground safeguard, etc..

This is how we began to find a way to recycle these rubber.

The sorted soles are machine ground to different sizes, mostly 10 ~ 25 mesh. Remember these are all from virgin rubber pallets, still in very good property. These pellets are pack with big bags to be shipped. And we are seeking companies who can better use them